Thanks, OR !

This was a tough hike; the PNT is many years away from being a tame experience; in comparison the PCT and AT are sort of "paint by numbers" experiences. On a per-mile basis I think the PNT is harder than the CDT (I'd still put the CDT as harder as a thru-hike due to weather impacts of doing that).

Lots of cool stuff about this trail, including so very many days of seeing just no one else on trail. The Pasayten wilderness in WA is particularly that, but ... just in general this was true. Makes you realize how completely empty of humans most trails are almost all of the time (easy to forget near a trail head on a sunny summer weekend).

And yes, I was impressed with how much shoe goo can extend the durability of trail runner soles if given the chance to cure properly. I've got about 800 miles on these shoes now; I wore a hole all the way through one heel some 250 miles or so before the end, and shoe goo saved my butt (or feet, anyway). I'm pretty sure it kept the shoes from further deterioration as I walked those latter miles. (no, I'm not a paid shill for the shoe goo people ... :-)).
Brian Lewis