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I tend to agree with Heather-ak. Camping is a necessary evil for me. I am a side/belly sleeper at home and that's difficult in a sleeping bag. I often take 1/2 of a Unisom to help me sleep and I feel totally fine in the morning. Benadryl does not help me sleep, and I do feel awful the day after taking it, so maybe the people who have a "hangover" are just taking the wrong thing for them? Anyway, to each their own, HYOH and all. But if I'm in a group and people can't get moving the next morning, that WOULD be annoying.

Unisom is Benadryl. Same active ingredients

Ooo, sounds like a mental thing. It helps you sleep because you believe it helps you sleep, or it doesn't help you sleep because you believe it doesn't help you sleep. Of course, there's always more to it than that, but it's interesting to consider.
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