Hello from Austin!

Not quite over the hill, but I've at least finished the uphill part.

I grew up in the wilds of MT, spending as much time outdoors as I could. Then life got in the way for a couple of decades.

Now I'm finally settled in to a healthy, productive existence, and I feel the pull to get back on the trail. I still have piles of (heavy, outdated) gear, and I'm excited to pack it all back up and haul it around the countryside.

(The last time I was fully loaded for 2 weeks in the backcountry of Alaska, my pack was 45 lbs, then I added 2 gallons of water...)

My current goal is to hike the Lone Star Hiking Trail next spring (100 miles), and then maybe the JMT next fall. Just waiting for the infernal Texas sun to give me enough of a break to get in some training miles without dissolving/evaporating into a puddle/cloud of sweat.

Anyway, happy to be here, loving all the information and cool stories.