The book Walking Man: The Secret Life of Colin Fletcher by Robert  Wehrman is finally  out in ebook on Amazon Kindle and should soon be out in printed form. I know the author and had the privilege to read an early draft of the book. It tells the amazing story of a person often referred to as the father of modern backpacking. He backpacked the length of California long before the PCT was even a concept. He was the first person to backpack the entire length of the Grand Canyon National Park. In his late 60s he solo backpacked and rafted the Colorado River from its source to the end.  He also wrote the popular the Complete Walker series.The book is more than a listing of his feats. It is the very personal look at an unusual and often  very eccentric  person who went from serving in the army in Wales to various adventures in Africa  to his move to Canada and finally the U.S.  He was also an outspoken environmentalist. The biography is based on Colin's personal notes that he kept almost daily plus interviews with his book agent and close friend plus other friends and neighbors. By the end of the book you will feel like you were there with him through his travels and adventures. I highly recommed this book to hikers, backpackers and those who have a connection to nature.