I went to NG- TOPO and generated a route. Not bad but it just does straight lines and is limited to 50 points. Nothing too far off from the original track so it should be OK. I could have made it better by breaking up the original track into segments and making a couple of 50 point routes but it was not that big of a problem. I have already spent more time than it is worth but like a lot of people once I get on the problem I want to continue until I solve it and not just quit.

On another note: I have had TOPO Michigan for several years and it will not interface with the newer Garmin with USB port, only COM ports. I purchased an upgrade to TOPO 4.5 which handles USB but will not allow doing anything like zoom, mark waypoints, routes, etc so I have been doing the work on the original and then loading it into 4.5 to transfer. I thought well I purchased both programs and it is ridiculous that they do not work like they should so I contacted NG and their reply says that since it is a discontinued program they no longer support it. I have a lot of programs which have been discontinued or replaced but they still provide a certain amount of support. I am not impressed. I replied to their email with a two word reply. The first word was horse.