You can get construction Tyvek in 9 or 10' widths, so it is conceivable that you would not need to sew anything. You can buy it in 10 X 10' pieces or by the foot on eBay. You can also buy adhesive backed tieout loops. I've seem two types of Tyvek tape. The construction tape is meant to seal the joints and is similar to packaging tape. I don't think that this tape would be good for tarps. There is also Tyvek tape made for hinges in book binding. It may not be as strong, but it is made of Tyvek and might be good for repairs and reinforcing. Kite Tyvek is lighter, but only comes in 4 to 5' wide rolls. Kite Tyvek is commonly referred to as 1443 and 14M Tyvek. It's good for groundsheets and may be seamable with Tyvek hinge tape. It would be difficult to tape along seam without something to hold the two pieces of Tyvek in alignment while taping. I think that it would be necessary to tape a major seam on both sides.

I don't have much interest in window film. It always seemed too much like Saran Wrap to me.