Hi, everyone:
I am wondering whether the traces of chemicals from toiletries left on the skin would be attractive to bears at night. For example, wildeness wash (especially, the one with citronella): I am sure that skin will smell of citronella if it was used for washing before bedtime. Or should it be avoided in bear country? Would non-citronella wilderness wash be OK? Another chemical that I am sure to use is aloe vera aftersun lotion. I burn very easily, even after wearing sunscreen, and will have to use it, so avoiding it is not an option. Would all these smells prompt a bear to check inside my tent at night? On the related note, Esbit solid fuel tablets: they are pretty stinky and I would prefer not to keep them next to food in the bear-proof container. May I keep them in the tent at night (in the pack) or this is asking for a bear visit?
Thank you very much.