I'll have to wait to do any real work on it until I get the polycro, but that should be sometime this week. I was actually just looking at z-packs poncho, and it looks like they actually taper it at the ends, and have the center longer (42" at the center to 28" at the ends). It make sense to me, as it would give you more material at the shoulders to cover your arms a little bit, but leave less to flap around below that. Ill probably start out cutting it large and seeing how much I want to trim it.

I generally only go out on max 5 day trips these days, (hopefully that will change in the future) so it's not a huge deal as long as it last that long. I would prefer it to be non disposable somehow, but I guess that's the same issue with much of the UL, cheap, rain gear.

The point about not obscuring your feet is a good one, I didn't even think about that happening. I hope everyone was okay!

Once I get the polycro and supplies I'll put up some photos of what I end up with.