My first post here, but it is an important one for me.

For those of you who fly to your hiking destinations, what means of transportation do you use to get from the airport to the mountains?

If I was planning a trip of only a week, then I would spring for the rental car. However, I am planning a trip to the North Cascades of Washington for three weeks to include a six day trip and then numerous shorter trips in the mountains as well as along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula. The least expensive rental car option so far is around $1300! Are there used cars available for rent? I used to rent from a company called "Ugly Duckling" many years ago when I was visiting Oklahoma City from time to time.

Besides the cost, I am concerned about the rental car being broken into while I am gone. Does this happen often or is not something to be seriously concerned about? I plan to take pretty much only what I need while hiking and camping, but there is still the possibility of the car being broken into and damaged even if I put a note in the window stating that there is nothing to steal.

What other options might there be? In areas like this that are frequented by distant travelers, is there some sort of network of drivers for hire? Of course, that also leads to questioning whether Uber or Lyft operate between Seattle Airport and the mountains.

One more thought that I will toss out there: Anybody want to be my part time chauffeur?

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback!