There are a few different themes in this forum! Cool.
I'll start with an initial response to Minx. What do I do/practise when out bush? Navigation first. I have never been much of a trail walker. I learnt using compass and map (what a few have called bushwhacking), and that is always how I have got around. This is due to the nature of my work (wildlife ranger then military). I simply don't use tracks. Of course in high-traffic areas, I stick to the track for conservation reasons. Whenever I can, I do a resection. Why? Constant navigation checks are essential, and these things should be second nature. Learning or trying to remember how to do them when you're tired, hypothermic and your brain is just not working and so on is fated for disaster. It should be a drill.
Shelter building is usually just a part of setting up a night location. I augment the tarp by making use of natural shelter - nooks, crannies, branches etc.
Fire making I practise occasionally. I'll use the striker just to make sure it works. For a giggle I'll use the magnifyer on my compass or my binoculars to incinerate some tinder. I'll build a fire bow when I happen across the materials. I've done it enough so it works every time, with some effort.
Other basic 'survival skills' I practise whenever I get the urge. Solar stills and other water collection methods are a favorite. Solar stills, in my opinion, are the new hiking 'duct tape'. I love them.
I also practise setting snares and traps, where permitted. I don't usually intend to catch things - I've already done it enough to know they work. It's just to keep my hand in.
I'm always aware of the surrounds and terrain because, apart from the navigation fetish, I like animal tracking, botany - I'm basically interested in anything that's alive. So it's a hobby, not a chore.
I keep useful reference material such as ground-air signals, poisonous/edible plant identification - whatever - in a clear plastic sheet notebook in a thigh pocket. Not sure what my American friends call it - I use the term vueetuee (Google it).
Regarding 'survival' bits and pieces, I always carry paracord and duct tape (doubles as first aid kit for big lacerations), nylon (fishing and snares) and a wee selection of hooks and swivels. Do I ever use them? Only in practise, but they're light, and they are there. I don't carry much specifically intended for 'survival' apart from the hooks. Everything else is just part of the hardware store I tend to carry - but that's just me.
As many other commentators have pointed out - attitude is the key thing to get right. I have views on that too! More to follow...