I just had the pleasure of a hiking/camping trip in the Shennies as part of a longer road trip. A month of travel forces one to really make an effort to save space. Freeze dried foods do not shrink as do dehydrated ones. One trick that I developed for this trip was to toss freeze dried fruit (found on sale) in a food processor or blender with a little Chia for a nutritional boost and fiber plus a little Stevia. The sampling of the sale fruit that I tasted at home seemed under ripe, so not sweet. Most of the fruit concoction was packaged in small bags to have as a fruit sauce once water was added along my hikes. This saved a lot of space in my pre packed lunches. I also pureed cherry and strawberry-rhubarb pie filling, mixing those about half and half with applesauce, again sweetening to taste with Stevia to make fruit rolls. Those went over very well with friends. The fruit rolls were not as compact as the intentionally over died and pulverized fruit intended for sauces, but they were good enough to be worth it.