I doubt seriously that you are beginning to understand what I meant - or what anyone else is saying. At this point, you're starting to come across as "I know more than any of you, and you're not giving me the answers I want."

If you're simply seeking validation for your own opinions and beliefs, you're in the wrong place. These other folks are giving you the benefit of their experience (in my own case, I'm never sure whether I've got 35 years of experience, or 1 year's experience 35 times.) The way the forum works is that they will share information, but in the end you simply take it or ignore it - if you feel the need to prove that they are wrong, one of two things will happen. Either the moderators will step in when things get out of control, or (far worse) the next time you have a question, you'll get no responses from these folks. Either way, you lose.

From following the thread, it appears that this is where we are:

You: "I do a lot of different things. I want you to tell me what one pack I can get that will meet all my needs."

Everybody: "That pack doesn't exist. You may need more than one pack because of the variety of things you do."

You: "That's not what I wanted you to tell me. Tell me what I wanted to hear."

Everybody: "Well, OK, then here are a few that you might be able to make work, but no one will be perfect for everything."

You: "I don't like any of those. No one understands my needs; I'm special - can't you see that? Why can't you just give me what I want, right now?"

Sometimes, you have to realize that things are what they are, and modify your plans - or get busy and design the pack of your dreams (in which case, you might get some really good ideas on the MYOG forum.