You make an emphatic point of saying that your sense of style is a critical component of whatever you choose and I'm sure that's true. The difficulty for others is trying to suss out just what that sense of style could be, because our style sense could easily be worlds away from yours. This promotes doubt and hesitation in making any recommendations.

You'll find that most people here really are interested in being helpful, but what you've given us to work with so far is a bit puzzling. If you make another run at it, we may get somewhere a bit faster.

- Do you know how many cubic inches (or liters) of space your gear is likely to require?

- What about the weight of gear, food and water the pack will be carrying?

- Do you require a frame or hip belt, or is your load so light (15 lbs or less) that these can be dispensed with?

- Are you bushwhacking or staying on trails (this will affect the need for a durable, but heavier, fabric)?

- Does color matter? Or a 'stylish' contour/profile? Or could it be just a utilitarian/minimalist bag with straps?

Answers to such questions would greatly increase the useful info we can provide.