Hello, I’m a 6’1” 145 lb skinny+fit dude who usually hikes trails with a fat+unfit fiance (who hefts an 80L and enjoys it, screw physics, HYOH). We are in our 20s. Bushwhacking, scrambling, and water crossings are the norm but you won’t find us strapped onto cliffs, in the middle of the desert, or bagging peaks… Yet.

I’m looking for a lightweight, mid-sized, clean-looking, minimalist pack with few seams, zippers, flappy straps, pockets, etc. I do need some organization to put water bottles and other quick-access stuff. The Lightning 45 and Buttermilks are looking good at the moment. This will become my go-to bag for trail hiking over 1-7 nights with lightweight gear.

How light, you ask? Light enough to brush my teeth without a toothbrush and eat without a bowl. I answer the rain with a hat, sunglasses, a stiff drink, and a raised eyebrow at everyone else’s rain gear (luckily they can’t see the raised eyebrow because of the sunglasses+hat). But not so light that I leave the PJs and liquor flask at home smile I carry a glue stick sans glue gun as a lux item, FYI. You should too.

The shelter, cooking gear, water filter, etc. will almost always be split with the fiance.

I like to maintain a unique sense of style as opposed to the typical backpackers that look either clueless or like full-blown REI sponsors. This means DIY and MYOG mixed with uncommon or striking or modded gear. I will flat-out reject awesome stuff just because it doesn’t look good or it lacks that individual perfection. I know, I know.

Yes, fit is the most important trait for a pack; I’m just deciding which pack to try on first. If it doesn’t fit, well, I’ve already got my second choice (and third, and fourth, and…).

I’m new to the forums but I plan to stick around.