One thing about caching, in addition to what aimless said--be sure to arrange picking up the container ASAP after you empty it, if you can't take it with you.

A few years back, I read the journal of two young ladies who were hiking the American Discovery Trail. When they got to western Utah and Nevada, where they'd pre-cached water supplies the previous fall, they found most of the water jugs empty and had to make a hasty retreat. They rented a car and went around picking up the mostly empty jugs. They discovered, after setting a partly empty jug on the bed in their motel room, that the jug had developed a leak on the seam across the bottom. Sure enough, nearly all the jugs (the usual gallon plastic jugs of drinking water you purchase at the grocery store) had developed the same leak. They replaced their caches and were able to finish their trip with only one leaky jug. Evidently it's not a good idea to do water caches many months ahead!

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