Hi all,

I just found BackcountryForum.com and am especially pleased to find this topic forum for geezers. This seems like the most appropriate place for my introduction:

I was born in Minnesota where my introduction to wilderness sports was via a YMCA canoe camp, Widjiwagan. Our third trip was 21 days unsupported.

Did occasional backpacking trips during high school and college. After college I took a month trip with two friends to do multi-day backcountry ski trips in the Wind River range, Tetons, and Yellowstone park. When we skied out from the Yellowstone trip, someone in town told us it had been 37 below the night before. I still use that same sleeping bag for winter trips (sewn from a Frostline kit about 1972).

My girl friend (now wife) and I did several backpacking trips in the Northwest while going to school. We moved to Colorado where I did a multi day backcountry ski trip in the San Juans and we climbed our first 14er. Then came kids and work and moving to Ithaca, New York.

Fast forward to 2009 when my wife and I took a cruise. The ship had a climbing wall, and I fell in love. Followed up with climbing classes through the Cornell University (where I work) Outdoor Education (COE) program, became an instructor, and found new outdoor trip partners (down to 1/3 of my age, but what the heck).

Last year I had the outdoorsiest year ever! including celebrating my 60th birthday with a family trip to Colorado. You can see a summary of the trips here: 2015 outdoor adventures

I was looking forward to another great year of hiking and climbing in 2016. The year started out nicely with helping to lead a COE winter mountaineering class in the Adirondacks. Then in February, I picked up one fateful shovelful of wet/heavy snow...

So here I am months later recovering from a hurt back. I'm finally hopeful that it might one day be fully functional wink

It made me wonder if I had waited too long to return to backcountry trips, but you folks have provided inspiration and reassurance that I may have lots of years and adventures in store.

Thanks! and Have Fun,