I have a TarpTent Rainshadow 2 which I really like (Thanks OM!).

The trouble is that it is a little tight with me and the 3 kids in it, and now the youngest intends to join us.

My question is if I can reasonably fit a 6 year old kid in the ProTrail with me, and leave the 3 oldest in the Rainshadow 2?

I've got a 25 inch airmatress, and I was going to tuck his 20 inch pad under my mattress and have him cuddle up with me for a while until he decided that sleeping with the big kids made more sense.

The advantage of this solution is that I get a 26 oz tent to tote around while solo backpacking with scouts compared to a 34 oz Squall or a 36 oz MoTrail.

The disadvantage is that it'll be hard to share with older kids, and push us into using the Rainshadow 2 when only two of us go.

My other concern is fitting the tent into my next pack, which I intend to be smaller and lighter than my monster Kelty SuperTioga pack, which is the largest driver of my pack weight. So getting the length of the tent down when packed is another concern.