Ok so my previous years have consisted of pretty much mountain house and Idahoan potatoes for dinner and sometimes lunch. The rest of my day is basically oatmeal (homemade), trail mix, and energy bars.

I have been looking into some other companies to buy some of my just add water meals from. I know the possibilities are endless if you make it all on your own but I am just not there yet.

The two I have been focusing on are Pack It Gourmet and soup and chili mixes from harmony house.

My big question is what is an acceptable amount of sodium, i know when on the trail your body uses more because you sweat but some of these meals can have an ENTIRE days worth of sodium!!!

I am also curious about how many grams of protein I should be consuming as well.

I have tried a few pack it gourmet meals they were great if anyone has sampled any of harmony houses mixes please let me know your thoughts (taste, preparation, ect).
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