I enjoy chickpea mush with lots of different adjuncts such as tahini, peanuts, various spices,... They all seem to dehydrate and rehydrate pretty well, at least for short-term storage. On a recent trip I used some Indian spice from the grocery store labelled "Spice for Garam Masala" and before dehydrating is had a very nice flavor. On the trail it was still satisfying but lacked a lot of the spice flavour. It seems that much of the aromatic quality doesn't survive a hot dehydrator. As an experiment, I made some more mush but left the spice out before dehydrating. I then took some to work for lunch and added fresh spice along with hot water. It was much better. This also seems like a good way to mix up meals on a trip, with neutral mush and different flavor packets -- sort of like Ramen.