Hey all, firsty, i love the forum! I could spend hours on here. im new here, so sorry ive done something wrong, like putting this in the wrong forum, etc, (please tell me if i have!)

Ive recently been looking at an upgrade to my bivi, a goretex ex military drawstring hood type one (very lightweight......) and in my quest, ive noticed that no one seems to sell a bivi with the size, shape, and features that im after for the price limit im bound to. So, naturally, i want to plunge into making one with my only experience of sewing being leather work and some gear repairs.

Ive got a general idea, and ive noted down some sketches for plans and ideas and some materials research of what is lightest/ most durable/ water proof/ breathable. Id like to have a mozzie net, a zip or some way of sealing myself in but not having to deal heaps of condensation, but with in not too fussed about a hoop though! Id be going for a rab alpine, or msr bivy sorta design i think ultimately. Any advice or guidance would be so helpful as im not experienced in MYOG projects!

Thanks in advance if i do not reply swiftly!