I know I posted on this a little while back, but any help would be great.

Im working on a backpack project using older tent nylon with really no luck. As of now I am taking a bit of a break. I have been trouble shooting and testing all day and it took me all day to get one good decent stitch. I finally folded tissue paper inside my hem just to get it to be thick enough to help me fold and hem a edge.

so, I have tried the tissue paper trick, not so great for me. I also bought some really light weight batting and its too light weight I think to work with. Just to help sew the nylon together.

I don't understand what I am missing! I see guys on youtube making quilts and hammocks with material way thinner than mine with no hassel what so ever. I turnd down my presser foot tension, and it does not seem to help. The nylon is just too thin. But I can create a perfect stitch just.

So I am thinking about heading to walmart and geting some craft foam for some of the project. It is super light weight and it may give me a decent, or a better bating, or maybe some felt material to just help me form a hem. My machine is a little on the older side, but only used a few times, and it is pretty basic. ANy how, anyone use any batting out there for their projects. I was trying to avoid using it so save weight. < but its not working. I mya ring try the tissue paper again here in a few to see in smaller samples to see if I can use it and tear it away better.