SO I am wanting to tackle my first back pack project and I have some old nylon from a tent I have had forever. But I am trying to figure out a way to sew it with nice clean crisp lines as it moves through the sewing machine.

I wanted to use a basting tape, but since I live in the armpit of the world there is no place for miles that has sewible, double sided basting tape that you can use, unless you iron it on, and I don't want to melt my nylon so that idea is out the window.

I guess I am going to just attempt to pin it as i go, or use paper clips to hold it steady. I also bought some washable glue.....some of the crafty women I know said they use it to hold their projects together as they hand sew on quilts, and since it is washable it just washes out.

Any tips and hints and help would be great. I am going to do some more research before I start so I know what I am getting into, and I will go from there. I like to think about a lot of this before i just jump into it. Thanks again for any help.