Hi there, every one.

I was surfing the web and landed on this forum for some rest. So, before I start creating lots of activity, let me quickly introduce myself.

I'm 40 yrs old guy, live in Wisconsin (lived in LA, California for some time before), programmer by day, and a married guy with 3 kids too. So, I don't have much time to go out. But I did graduate a Wilderness Travel Course in 2013, and trying to go on a backpacking or hunting trip once a month for a night or two - if I'm lucky). This year I became Sierra Club trip leader, but haven't yet lead any trips after my 1st.

On the trip, I like mobility and challenge, so ideal outing for me is bad weather and long miles, better over several days. While I like camping and sitting by a campfire, I usually too restless to see new places. So, naturally, I gravitate to lightweight backpacking, but with a caveat that I am definitely not a minimalist and when I achieve a nice weight on my backpack, I don't try to shrink it much more and remove convenience items. In the same spirit, I am trying to build my gearlist to be the same for any weather and any season - who knows what kind of weather we might get on the little expedition away from our cars (not that I would bring snowshoes in summer, but I've carried an umbrella in winter).

All stories I'll tell on this site are true and about either me, or the things I witnessed personally (unless otherwise said). All opinions are result of my personal experience and its limitations. All advices (if I suggest anything) only meant that 'would I be in similar situation as I can understand it from my point of view, I'd consider doing that or this', and in no way am I telling to anyone how he or she should do it actually.

Hike your own hike,

Oh, by the way - here's my gear list (more or less)...

Gossamer Gear G4 backpack
Kelty LightYear 700-fill 20F-rated down sleeping bag
Blue Walmart Sleeping pad (maybe will be replaced by Klymit V5 soon).
10x12 ultralight tarp (MonsterFly)
Grand Trunk Double Hammock (with all hammock suspensions)

My cookset is in the process of reallignment. It was MSR Dragon Fly with aluminum camping percolator (without internals) for a cookpot and stainless steel mug; I am replacing it with alcohol stove, aluminum mug, and .... no that kettle will probably still stay with me for the foreseeable future...

I think, that's probably enough, for now.

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