I have gotten to where I seldom go to the retail stores for fabrics anymore. They don't have what I want and the bargains aren't. Depending on what you are looking for, eBay may be a good source. Some of the prices are way too high, but there may be deals on remnants that are quite good. If you see something for sale by "Sunshine O'Malley", your payment will be marked as sent to Ray Jardine. I'm assuming that this is how he gets rid of his unwanted fabric. eBay can be a good source for things like webbing and buckles. I've used Quest Outfitters, Thru Hiker, DIY Gear Supply and lately, RipstopByTheRoll. All of these have had good service and reasonable prices. Some fabrics and materials are only sourced by one or two suppliers, so some looking around is required. I'm thinking about making a new bivy with 0.9Oz Membrane Silpoly PU4000 on the bottom and Membrane 0.66Oz Nylon Taffeta for the top. I think that it's a good idea to get some feedback on the material choices for the intended use.