So recently I have been drawn to ultralight backpacking. I have seen it here and there on the web and on youtube, and I have finally started to put a kit together. Using what I have on hand (which is a lot of stuff) I am weighing everything out, and trying to do everything on a budget. I love D.I.Y, and that is what draws me a lot to this wide spectrum of hiking and being outdoors.

I am new to the forum and look forward to learning all kinds of new D.I.Y info and projects. I have done a lot of research in to ultralight backpacking and I am drawn to the sport. I am wanting to set up a ultra light kit, and so far I just have a Walmart Outdoor gear Arrowhead 8.0 which is weighing in a little over a pound. I like the pack since it can take a water bladder, but there are a few things I don't like about the pack, but I know that everyone has to start out somewhere.

So, here is the gear list as follows. Keep in mind, I am just getting started and I kinda live in a part of the U.S. that only has Walmart and thrift stores that are the best place to buy anything for hiking/backpacking.

Gear list-

Outdoor gear Arrow Head 8.0 pack
2 20 ounce Poweraid bottles
One Stanley stainless steel cup. I can not remember the name of the cup but it has a plastic lid that you can unscrew and drink from. I know that there are lighter options out there but just have not obtained them yet.
Light my fire spork
As far sleeping goes all I have right now is a fleece blanket
I have the divider to a old tent as a tarp
I have a over the head zip up poly type shirt for when it gets cold.

That what is in the bag as of now, and I am coming in around 5 pounds

I am going to purchase a water bladder this week from Walmart, but should I just have a base weight and then weigh the water? not sure on that?

I have a ton of polyester outdoor clothing, I collect that stuff whenever I see it at thrift stores.

As far as food goes, I just plan on taking simple stuff. I just plan on day hiking for now, so when I do go, I will only take the few things I need, the basics. I am not planning any over nighters as of now.

Anyhow, let me know how my list sounds so far and any changes I should make. I can't wait to learn from all of the experience on the sight. Thanks.