I picked up these when I got the shoes... but they may not work great for warmth.


But I may try my the socks and liners I use with boots and see how they feel. Which is these


The bread bag is an interesting idea.

Based on the current forecast, which could change, I wont have to worry anyway - Looks like we can expect 69-74 degree days.

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"I hope my toes don't freeze if we run into snow!"

Thick wool socks make a lot of difference, with a liner sock underneath. So long as your shoes fit such that you have enough volume to fit a decent wool sock + liner pair.

If really concerned, you could go the vapor barrier route, or as I would suggest, bread bags --- same thing, just don't last long. Bread bags are also highly useful for in-camp if your shoes are your only footwear. I.e., wet shoes, dry socks, bread bags to keep the dry socks dry.

Some will use a goretex sock, and many (including me) like Rocky brand goretex socks. Do size these up if you get a pair, as they need to fit over that thick pair of wool socks. But I've done fine in snow without these; you don't want to plan on taking long breaks if your socks get significantly wet.

It really depends on what kind of snow conditions you're in, but bottom line --- it's all about decent wool socks. Seriously, check the fine print to see the actual wool content; sometimes so-called wool socks are more synthetic than they are wool.