How important is it to you that you be able to see the original surface of the journal, rather than just analyzing the words?

I have a journal from a 16 day hike in 2014. I did not leave the trail during that hike because I resupplied using cached food. It written in a very small notebook, covering approx. 90-95 small pages. That's a lot of scanning and more trouble than I care to take.

However, I have an accurate transcription, created by reading the journal aloud into MS Word via Dragon NaturallySpeaking and then manually correcting the inevitable transcription errors. Other than that it is not 'cleaned up' or edited. There was no need of that. I was a tech writer and I write in complete and grammatical sentences unless I specifically choose not to. I talk that way, too. It drives people nuts. grin

That transcription would be easy to send on to you, if it is acceptable.