Thanks for your reply, aimless! Here is some more detailed info:

This project is funded by Princeton University, and there are no external grants or sponsors associated with it. Any materials you submit will only be seen by the research team, and no identifying information will be included in any reports we may publish. You can submit scans or pictures of your original materials, as long as they are not edited, so you don't have to part with your originals.

Let me give you a little bit more background about the study. Please note that you should not cherry pick what to submit based on this, I'd like to get whole notebooks/journals, not excerpts. This research is part of a larger study on the effects of social isolation. Through a set of experiments and text analyses, we are investigating how people's self concept, emotions, and social experiences (among other things) are affected by being isolated. Normally, when someone is isolated we would expect to see less frequent thoughts about the self and about other people, and less positive emotion because people typically need lots of social interaction. However, hikers are an interesting group because they choose to isolate themselves (to some extent) and it seems to be a rewarding experience for most. I am conducting this research to figure out what the role of social isolation and social interaction is in this experience.

Here's how we'll use your materials:
They will be processed for content and style using text analysis software. Since you probably experienced many different social settings on your hike (e.g. completely alone, camping with a group of people, running into others on the trail), we can compare the results from texts written in each of these settings to each other.