I went to UL because I have knee issues and a lot of weight makes my knees wobbily. I just got back into backpacking from just being a normal day hiker. In the last two months I have put together all my gear. I cut a few corners and added a few oz to save money. Most of my gear is REI brand. This is my base gear

My pack REI Flash 62 - 2lbs 13oz
Tent Dash 2 - 2lbs 7oz - Im 6'4 and needed a little room. got it for 200 dollars
Sleeping pad - Zlight Sol 14oz - switching to the Neoair
Xlite ( im a side sleeper
Sleeping bag - REI Flash 29 - 1lb 12oz
Total about 8 lbs with the other nicknacks (9 sawyer mini,alcohol stove, black diamond headlamp, cocoon blow up pillow, first aid etc, Helium 2 rain jacket) probably makes my pack just under 10 lbs. Im in Texas so I dont need any super warm clothing. A light base layer

This is my first UL setup.

Thats basically all I need to carry. I have a very muscular pitbull who carried all my food and her food in her pack for a 3 day trip. she can carry more.