that's a cute dog! I've always liked the looks of german shorthairs, but they also seem pretty smart, good disposition, athletic. Congratulations!
I've had several canine hiking buddies, including a Weimaraner,which is kind of like yours. Great backpacking buddies. They keep you from going to national parks, of course, but plenty of good forest service and BLM land out there.
You already have plenty of good advice here,of course, but I would say make sure he's well trained and confident before doing any over nighters. I think it's always good to use the leash at least part of the time, just so he doesn't think there is something strange to be a defensive guard dog about if suddenly you decide to put him on leash. One of my old dogs, a great dog who I almost always had off leash and was very well-behaved that way , would often get really defensive and protective while on leash because I hadn't trained her to think the leash was normal: my mistake.
Also, keep your dog in your tent at night, IMHO: too many critters to tangle with.
Man, I miss having a dog frown