Cheap and easy. Heh.
I've tried the dehydrated meals like mountain house and they're tasty. They're great for camping, but not for backpacking, unless you're willing to give up a significant amount of trail time to cook.
I never used to think about food when I went out. In the past, I would bring a few pounds of food for each day. Shame on me. Now I keep coming up with new revisions... It's like when you make your first ultralight system. I get the same feeling of excitement as I go lighter and simpler.
I made another one that's even lighter and a little higher Calorie for longer hikes:

Super Cereal: 100g oats, 1oz powdered goat milk, one package fruit snacks, 23g unflavored whey powder. Add water and eat directly out of the bag.
Nutrition:704 Calories - 94g Carbs, 16g Fat, 42g protein

Quirky Jerky: 82g Turkey Jerky, 28g Beef Jerky
Nutrition: 319 Calories -17g Carbs, 3g Fat, 48g Protein

Sweet, Nutty Goodness: 84g Roasted Soybeans, 28g Roasted Peanuts, 150g Chopped Dates
Nutrition: 1039 Calories - 144g Carbs, 25g Fat, 41g Protein

Total Nutrition: 2062 Calories - 256g Carbs, 53g Fat, 130g Protein

This new one fits into three zip-lock bags and weighs 540g (19oz)

(Can you tell that I'm excited about this stuff?)


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