I'm looking for a softshell MEN pant with these properties:

- Main fabric similar to Arcteryx Gamma LT Pants (Breathable Light Uninsulated Sofshell)

- Gore-tex (or other waterproof fabric) doubled on posterior, knees and around ankles (ankles not so important)

- Leg length side zippers

- Relaxed fit so I can wear it as a layer over 2-3 other layers

I can sew!!! So, in case a pant with all those proprieties does not exist I can take the closest thing and modify it.

* In case there is no side Zippers, I can add that for as long as there is no side cargo pockets. I would have to remove them and that will leave wholes in fabric, or cut through which will leave me with 2 side pocket on each side too slender to use.

* In case they are not doubled (posterior knees ankles) I can add Gore-tex

I would prefer the case where there is no side zippers as adding goretex fabric might get a little too over budget. Also, gore-tex fabric is hard to find in Canada.

The closest I found is La sportiva Halo Pant but I don't really like them.

Please someone advise me on the closest thing as I'm going crazy looking at pictures and reading incomplete descriptions.