As shown by many in this thread, although the contract called for Delaware North to get paid for what they had to buy, they are going to be the bad guy as all of these name changes will not be popular with visitors to Yosemite National Park.

Your points are valid in a legal sense, but many are invalid in a common sense.

As Rick and I have pointed out, it is the public that actually pays for all this. Any corporation that has to purchase those rights will pass that cost onto their consumers who already paid for them when the previous owner adjusted the prices they charged to cover those costs.

I'd bet heavy that all the corporations that bid on these contracts also donate to political parties and candidates and lobby them while their in office as well. If this is the case they are all milking us like cows and I just don't have any respect for that.

As far as the name changes go, the answer to this is obvious. The public should own the trademarks to all of those, and grant the rights to the lease holder for the duration of the lease.

"You want to go where?"