I've had 3 stoves, an Optimus 8r, an MSR Whisperlite, both of those burn white gas, still work and get used in the winter regularly. I even still use the 8r ice fishing and its 42 yrs. old.The Whisperlite saw near 20 years of service and went through a number of rebuilds and a pump replacement. The third and most used now is an MSR Micro-Rocket. It's done about 300 meals so far, so good. 2.6 oz. It's very stable and I've yet to lose a pot off it. I've even used it down to zero by keeping the canister in my bag, putting a square of Reflectix insulation under it and using foil as a windscreen and to divert some heat to the canister. Note!!!! Do not fully enclose the canister and stove and get the canister more than warm to the touch. Be very cautious how you construct a windscreen. I bring 2 stoves on a lot of our trips with a sled or 90 liter pack and snowshoes, they generally aren't more than 5-6 miles and we cook real food and totally enjoy ourselves.