Snow Peak Gigapower Auto (piezo igniter) is my current choice. I like the Jetboil and MSR Windburner, but they're half a pound of overkill for my very simple menus. I also have used the Pocket Rocket and Micro Rocket, and they're both good; for some reason I can't quite identify, I just prefer the Snow Peak.

However, my all-time sentimental favorite is still my old Svea 123R. Far too inconvenient and heavy to be practical for the trips I do now, it sits, all clean and polished, on the bookshelf of a young man I taught to backpack in his teens, along with my hardback copies of every book Colin Fletcher wrote. Fitting, somehow, and the stove, books, and young man (who now lives three states away with a family of his own), warm my heart each time I think of them.