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If you're sweating while you hike, you should be wearing less while you're in motion. One layer may be enough. Other options to reduce sweating include opening the shirt, pushing your sleeves up, wearing less insulation on your head.

I assume that you carry a rain jacket and an extra insulating layer or two (as we do up here in the PNW). That will keep you from getting chilled when you're stopped. The jacket you mention won't keep you dry if it's raining!

I don't understand why you'd want a separate jacket from what you already should be carrying.

I don't think there's any way I could keep from sweating given the pace we hike. I suppose I could just wear a t-shirt but that wouldn't be comfortable when it gets windy. I don't wear an insulated hat -- I wear a ventilated Tilley year round.

No, I don't carry a rain jacket. If rain is in the forecast (rare), I don't hike. I also don't carry an additional insulating layer unless we were planning to stop at the summit for lunch or something like that.

That's precisely what I'm asking about though. Rather than carry a separate windbreaker and an additional fleece layer I figured this jacket would be a lot easier to deal with -- both on the trail and in the laundry room -- GIVEN the conditions in which I hike.