A follow-up to some of the conversations here about what to wear when you are hiking in cold weather:

So I have a problem. When I hike (or bike) I get really warm. In fact, when it's 30 degrees out, I have been known to hike in a single thin hiking shirt. Yeah, I was going uphill, and working hard, but I was not cold. And by stripping down to that single long-sleeved shirt, I kept myself from sweating up a storm. That's crucial in cold weather.

But here's the problem. THE MINUTE I stop hiking, I throw on every bit of clothing I have, and I still shiver uncontrollably, because my skin temperature is down around 50 degrees, and it cools off my body completely.

The other day I want for a bike ride with the air temp in the low 40's. I had a cycling jersey and a nice cycling jacket over it. Within minutes, I was sweating bullets. I zipped down the jacket to my navel (going for the Italian Stallion look!) and then zipped down the cycling jersey as well. So for two hours of the ride, I was moving through 40 degree air at 15-20 mph, and wasn't cold at all, nor was I wearing anything on my chest. I was sweating a bit on the back of my neck, where I had two layers of clothing.

I walked in the door of my house, which was 68 degrees, and starting shivering because my chest was about 45 degrees, and was immediately serving as a huge radiator for the rest of my body.

I doubt anyone has a solution for this....but I have to wonder if others don't suffer from something similar.

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