I live and hike on the Central Coast of California which has very mild winters. In the winter I typically hike in a long-sleeved nylon turtleneck, a long sleeved hiking shirt (like an Ex-Officio) and if it's really cold a fleece pullover or vest.

I'm typically sweating while I hike and the only time I get chilled is while stopping for a break if there is some wind. Rather than pull own another fleece and a windbreaker of some sort I was thinking about a jacket like this perhaps?

Dickies Quilted Jacket

It's lightweight (shipping weight is a pound), cheap (I have seen them for $21.99), easy to move around in, wind resistant and it doesn't suffer from "Arc'teryx®/Patagonia Style Obsession." It's 100% nylon except for some cotton in the lining which is my only concern.

Seems like an extremely low cost and low maintenance jacket that could be used for the sort of hiking I do. Any thoughts? Thanks...