Repeating what I wrote back in April:
There are several organizations that rate charities, and I strongly urge everyone to check out every charity--even the big name ones--before donating. There are some in which less than half of each donated dollar goes to the charitable cause. You want to look for organizations in which 85-90% of donated funds go to those who need them. . . .

Many news stories are listing charities involved in the Nepal disaster. You need to research them, both on their websites and with the charity rating organizations, and decide which you prefer. Just because I like the three I mentioned doesn't mean that you will! Please do your research!

The article mentions two good charity rating outfits, Charity Navigator and Guidestar. Better Business Bureau rates US charities, but is more limited.

In other words, you need to do your own research. I donated to three charities with whom people I know and trust are associated, thanks to my having worked in the medical community in the Pacific Northwest. These groups, however, may not be working in Nepal at present. Nor should anyone take my word for it that these charities are worth while. Check the ratings, and check the charities' websites to determine their present areas of concern.

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