I have an old Wishard boat knife that is surprisingly lite, and also glows in the dark. got it at WestMarine and it's intended for boat use. it comes with two S.S. fold out devices, the first a straight blade , the other a combination bottle opener and rope grab slot. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Cp96K9r4LCs/UARUD8Qg2uI/AAAAAAAAAQU/UWx2WqX41nM/s1600/W3Shakc.png this secondary device I have no use for, but can't remover unless if I do a bit of machining to the fold out hinge. I'm pretty handy with grinders and a dremel tool and don't mind reconfiguring the #2 device......but stumped as to what I could make it into. just cutting it off seems pretty wasteful. anyone have any ideas?

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