I would not get too hung up on a weight savings of 10oz. Getting the best fitting pack that carries the weight you plan on is more important. Personally the REI flash series packs did not fit me well or carry all my stuff very well, whereas the GoLite packs fit me better. Unfortunately my Golite Quest hit the dust and GoLite is no longer in business.

I too am looking for a new pack and so far, have not found one. Getting a pack that fits the bear can is a problem in the smaller sizes I need. I am now limping along on a very unsatisfactory Mountain Hardware pack that is light and OK for weekend trips but does not work well for longer (9-10 day) trips where I need the bear can. I am back to using my 1968 Kelty frame and a homemade pack bag (made out of old stuff sacks!).

I have found that the only way I can buy a pack is to try it on, then bring it home and pack it with my stuff - and return it if it does not work. Very tedious process.