To paraphrase (and distort) Voltaire, "I do not agree with the way you hike, but I'll defend to the death your right to hike that way."
In more modern parlance, HYOH.

Running the trail isn't for me personally, but I'm sure that while it loses some of what I like in hiking, it certainly must gain some good things in return. It's just a different style.

In terms of a trail runner who "saw nothing, appreciated nothing" --- I can't accept that as true. The only one to judge the perception of that runner is the runner him (or her)self. I've heard and read people say that long distance hikers have the same problem, treating the trail like a hiker freeway, wearing blinders, etc. It's all nonsense, spoken by people who haven't experienced it. I expect there are folks who hike even slower and take yet more and longer breaks who in turn feel that anyone hiking faster is not "doing it right".
Brian Lewis