Another precaution--I'm seeing folks coming up with ideas for selling T shirts, etc to benefit Nepal. Nice idea, butů If you can take the charitable tax deduction, this won't work.; You need to donate direcctly to a 501(c)(3) organization, and the value of any merchandise received must be deducted from your contribution. Besides, the Nepalese probably need those T shirts more than we do.

Note that the list of vetted charities (thanks, BZH, for the link!) will change as more organizations get involved. Some may choose not to, especially since Nepal is now telling folks not yet in country to hold off. I'm holding off on donating to Medical Teams International, for example, until they determine if they are needed in-country.

EDIT, LATER: MTI now has a team on the ground, in one of the provinces nearest the epicenter.

Just got an email from REI (probably most of you have it by now, too) that they're donating to Mercy Corps.

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