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I pack it with each day's food in a layer. But then I decide that I really do not want to do rice and beans that I had planned, so I dig for macs and cheese and do not put things back in order.

Ah-hah! I had this problem until I found a perfect solution (for me anyhow.) I now pack my dinner's separate from my breakfast and snacks, allowing me the flexibility of choosing a dinner each evening. So now packing food becomes easy. I just grab 1 breakfast and 6 snacks for every morning on the trail, putting every morning into a separate gallon size zip lock. I eat my breakfast, place the 6 snacks in my hip & shoulder pouches, then move on for the day. When I get to camp at night I remove the food bag with all my dinner choices and get to pick what i'm in the mood for. Works well for me.