My garlic is still looking good and hopefully I can start digging it up in April.

Remember how I talked about saving seeds? Well, I planted my saved potatoes. I should know in a few weeks if they will grow or not. If all goes well I will be digging potatoes around May. If not, I will purchase started plants fro the nursery. No idea what though.

I decided to plant porch tomatoes (it gets too hot here for garden tomatoes) and also Serrano and Banana peppers for sauce. This year I am trying to start from seed for the first time. I bought a grow light with stand and the tomatoes took right off. All but one of the peppers failed to germinate initially though. So I bought a seed heat mat and within 24 hours a few of the peppers germinated! I bought a cheap cart from Harbor Freight to hold it all off the floor (Iím paranoid about heat mats malfunctioning and being a fire hazard) and then removed the center beam with light lowering apparatus from the grow light stand and attached it to the cart with a couple of zip ties. I am using a towel to help keep the heat in the germination tray and will transfer the plants to under the grow light as they sprout.

All very exciting!