If you decide to go this route, I gave up on it a number of years ago, a few things to keep in mind:

As said above, the bags are definitely heavier, even when trimmed of all extras. At one time I had the roll material, where you could make the bags any size you wanted, still heavy.

While you cannot seal ziplocks (not sure I'd want to boil them anyway), you can, with some practice, seal foil chip bags. these are a lot lighter than the vacuum bags. You just have to be sure to clean all the oil from the food that was in it from the sealing area, the oil prevents the bags from sealing properly. You also have to experiment, the bag mfgs are always changing the bags to make them lighter, which changes the sealing times. Again, I would not boil them, not sure about BPA's, etc.

If you want, I think I still have the model around that I used. don't use it anymore. Would be willing to let it go on the cheap.
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