RE: Storage of dehydrated food in glass VS plastic. Glass is less permeable, so if one is trying to store dehydrated foods for a few months or more, it can be worth putting up foods in vacuum sealed jars. Transfer to bags closer to trip time. Saved, repurposed, washed and dried bags from other foods can work well. I use mylar snack bags, as well as cereal and cracker box liners. The sealing strip stopped working on my vacuum sealer some time ago, so I have been using the straw and clothes iron sealing method. For an upcoming trip with hubby when we will want 2-person meals, I'm using bags stashed years ago for another sealer, like the Dazey, again sucking out air and ironing shut. I'm leaving a good bit of head-space so I can add hot water to the bag, as one might with FBC. This works with mylar bags, as well as "boil-in-bags." The whole bag can sit in a pot of boiling water if the food needs a bit of simmering time. These repurposed bags stand up better to dehydrated foods with tiny sharp edges. If I want to use a typical plastic bag, I usually wrap the food in some sort of paper, more or less lining the bag to prevent puncturing it.