Hi there! I'm new to the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place or if it's a stupid question!

Me and my friend (we're from the UK) are in the process of saving up to go travelling, probably at the start of next year. Our current plan is bus to Amsterdam, then fly to Moscow, and take the TransSib to Beijing. From there we will travel down to Australia, stopping in Thailand and possibly a few other countries in the area on the way.

In Australia we are planning to do harvest work for a while in order to get extra money to see Australia, and possibly travel elsewhere afterwards if we are able to save enough.

Are harvest jobs still in plentiful supply in Australia, and fairly well paid? There are many sites about this on the internet but they all seem to be a few years old, up to date information is pretty hard to come by. Also I assume I'd have to sort out my Visa while still here in the UK? If that's the case, would it have an expiry date or certain amount of time I'd have to arrive in Australia by?

Also, last but not least, apparently you have to have 2-3k in AUD to be allowed into Australia on a work visa, but I've heard from several people that this isn't enough. How much would you suggest would be needed in order to be fairly comfortable for a while and to find a job etc?

Hoping to hear from people who have done something similar but of course any advice would be appreciated!

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