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As far as sleeping bags i would say don't go cheap i slept in a cheap bag and in reality I did not sleep and that is miserable.

Define cheap. I'm looking at the Kelty Cosmic Down 20/21 as an eventual purchase, and that's definitely about as much as I want to spend. Is that cheap, or did you mean more department store type bags?

I'm talking about a Walmart sleepingbag, i think a Coleman maybe? I took a buddy on his first trip and he said he had gear, that was what he meant a school backpack with a Coleman sleeping bad rated for 20 on a 35 night, and he shared a tent with me, he also brought a bunch of canned food and soda, well I wanted his first trip to not be to terrible, so I let him use my sleeping bag, and when he got fatigued i asked what was in his bag and ended up carrying his 2 liter Pepsi and a few cans of baked beans in my bag for him, I've tought him how to pack since.