You know, some of those things turn out to be sweet little deals.

If you don't like it, $25 isn't huge and you can always re-sell it. There is a company out there called Ticket To the Moon which was the predecessor to Eno. I have an Eno single-nest, friend picked up the TTM which size-wise splits the difference between eno's single and double, it's $45 and it's about 30x more comfortable than the Eno. You can really sprawl out in this thing, it's ultra-soft and easy to keep clean. If your $25 job doesn't work out take a look at them but find them local. If you have to ship them from the manufacturer the import tariffs are horrible...

For what it's worth, I had two Hennessy hammocks (one used 2x, one literally new) that I just sold as with the TTM and a good bug-net I won't ever use the Hennessy's. They aren't nearly as comfy.

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